Top 8 Health Benefits when Starting the Keto Diet!

There are way more than just eight reasons to start the keto diet. Starting any diet can have drastic changes in your weight, mood, and overall health! The keto diet has become a popular diet within the fitness and health world. The Ketogenic Diet (keto for short) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that works towards changing your energy consumption to the fat stored within the body. If this is something you have been thinking about, or even if you’re already in the middle of keto, we recommend you learn more about the benefits below!

1.      Weight loss

Most people go into the keto diet for an alternative way to lose weight. Traditional diets can be difficult for some and might not be the right fit in terms of cravings. The keto diet takes away most of one food group, that being carbs, and opens the possibilities to other food groups like meat, fruits, veggies, and other high fat foods!

2.      Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients

One of the toughest challenges that comes with diabetes is changing your diet and maintaining your glucose levels 24/7. The keto diet not only offers a way to avoid most sugars and carbs altogether, but also a clear avenue for those with diabetes to actually begin to lose weight! The keto diet also increases sensitivity to insulin which especially helps with those with insulin resistance.

3.      Lower Blood Pressure

Starting the keto diet will be extremely beneficial to anyone with high blood pressure! In most patients, lowering your carb intake and increasing your intake of natural fats will help improve heart health and blood pressure. Some may notice an increase but this can be caused by the stress of the diet or by high sodium intake.

4.      Reducing Appetite

One of the hardest parts about dieting is satisfying those pesky cravings that plague us all. One of the key benefits that keto offers is that once you settle into the diet and get into a routine, your appetite actually becomes lessened. When you don’t consume sugar and carbs, you don’t have to worry about those sugar highs and lows anymore as your body will be moving on to metabolizing fat!

5.      Inflammation

For those who deal with inflammation in their joints and muscles from either working out or medical conditions, keto is actually a great way to bring down inflammation. Your body produces ketones when you are on the keto diet and these ketones are actually known to reduce inflammation!

6.      Lower Your Cholesterol

You may notice your cholesterol actually becomes lower during your time on the keto diet. While fat is a contributor to higher cholesterol, carbs and sugars are the real culprit in higher cholesterol in children and adults. Some may end up seeing their cholesterol increase but that can be because of rapid weight loss!

7.      Acne

Genetics have always been known to play a huge role in acne. The keto diet has been known to reduce the severity of acne in individuals. This is because the keto diet can actually lead to stabilized hormone levels!

8.      Migraines

If you are somebody who struggles with migraines then you know how sudden and frequent they can appear. About 12 percent of all Americans deal with migraines. Many migraine sufferers notice a decrease in migraine frequency throughout their days. The keto diet is great for brain health in so many ways!

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