How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good | Secrets for Healthy Eating

Deciding you’re going to eat healthier is the easy part. But now you’re faced with the dilemma of how to make healthy food taste good.

You won’t stick to your plan unless you learn how to enjoy healthy eating. Bland and tasteless is not the way to live. Food is one of life’s ultimate pleasures. 

Diets of kale and rice cakes are boring. Sure, you can go through a few days of deprivation. But after that, cravings will increase. In fact, a study in Britain found that a full half of dieters gave up just because they couldn’t find healthy things that taste good.

So you’ve decided to eat healthier. Congratulations! Now figure out how to enjoy healthy eating. It’s the make it or break it moment in your new eating plan. 

There are plenty of tasty options for you to try. So let’s figure out how to make healthy food taste good. 

Tip #1: Buy in-season vegetables for a richer taste

Fruits and vegetables are essential to your healthy eating plan. But you might not know that the time of year you purchase produce affects how it tastes.

Maybe you eat grapes to satisfy your sugar cravings. Well, they are likely to be sweetest if you purchase them around August. That’s when they’re in season. 

Or maybe you enjoy roasted vegetables. If you cook a combination of carrots, winter squash, and brussel sprouts, you'd best be able to make these healthy foods taste good if you cook them in winter. That’s when they’ll be the most fresh and crispy

 Tip #2 Use more herbs and spices

How to season food healthy to make them taste good? Herbs and spices are low-carb, no-sugar, and virtually no-calories. They’re your diet’s best friend. So if you’re not using them, you’re missing one of the easiest ways to make your healthy diet less boring. 

For instance, you can add a hint of sweetness by using paprika. Or you can make your food hot and spicy by adding red pepper. Perhaps you want something sweet and spicy. Then you might want to choose curry powder.

Herbs and spices are essential for how to make healthy food taste good. In fact, if you find healthy food boring, one of the first things you should do is stock up in your spice cabinet. 

Tip #3 Blanch strong vegetables (such as Broccoli) before cooking

You might be turned off from vegetables because they aren’t cooked to perfection. There’s nothing worse than soggy, bitter broccoli. Blanching your vegetables can be your new favorite healthy eating activity. 

Blanch your vegetables in water first. Then you can add them to something like a saute. This is a quick process but it will improve the taste greatly.

Blanching strong vegetables helps remove their bitterness so they are more palatable. Additionally, this helps your vegetables stay crisper. And this is an easy method for how to make healthy food taste good. 

Tip #4 Cook more food from scratch

Processed foods are convenient. But not only is cooking from scratch healthier. It can really help you prepare healthy foods that taste good. 

Did you know that the packaging in processed foods can make them taste worse? Plus packaged foods don’t have that freshness. And salt is often overused, while other spices may be lacking. 

Not used to cooking from scratch? There are tons of healthy recipes online. If you’re new to cooking, try searching for recipes that only use 6 to 8 ingredients. This is probably one of the easier ways to incorporate cooking from scratch into your lifestyle. 

Tip #5 Use citrus juice to add a healthy zest

Most bottled sauces are full of sugar, and other bad ingredients. Citrus juice is healthy, low calorie, and fresh. Plus it can add a healthy zest to your meals. 

Take, for instance, lemons. These are packed with healthy ingredients B6, copper, and magnesium. Plus the zest of the lemon juice adds flavor. Or use orange juice. This adds a sweet taste that is also a little tart. 

When you’re new to healthy eating, you need to discover a variety of  interesting flavorings. Citrus juice is one you should use often. It adds lots of flavor that relieves boredom so healthy foods taste good.

Tip #6 Use vinegar to add a tangy kick

Another healthy flavoring is vinegar. And good news! There are so many options to choose from. There’s apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, and more. And they each have their own unique use in cooking. 

Some vinegars add sweetness, others add a tanginess, and others can add a touch of sour. Vinegar can even be a last second fix if you have a recipe that tastes a bit off. 

You can even make eggs more fluffy by adding a touch of vinegar. This is a miracle ingredient. So find a couple of vinegar varieties and start seeing how they help your food taste better. 

Tip #7 Use nutritious oils to give healthy foods a satisfying mouthfeel

Low fat used to be the fad. But that’s not the attitude these days. In fact, studies show that good quality, healthy fats are imperative for successful weight loss. And part of that reason is that they make food more satisfying and help you stay full for longer.

A good way to incorporate high quality fat into your diet is with nutritious oils. This includes olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.  These are fabulous for a healthy saute, for a sauce for grilling, or on top of a salad. 

Make sure to heat your oils on low or medium heat to help get the most nutritional benefit. And use them in raw recipes as well. You’ll feel oh so much more satisfied when you use oils as part of your healthy eating plan. 

Tip #8 Roast vegetables and meats for a more complex flavor

If you’re used to a fast food diet, you might not be sure where to start when it comes to cooking. Especially if the only appliance in your kitchen that you use is the microwave. But your oven can be your new best friend. 

Roasting is how to make healthy food taste good. Roasting gives food a warm and hearty taste. Additionally, roasting makes use of the natural sugars that exist in healthy foods to bring out their flavors. 

Try some roast vegetables, roast chicken, or even roast a whole fish. You’ll make your healthy food even more flavorful

Start Enjoying Healthy Food by Making Healthy Food Taste Good

You’re committed to eating healthier. Now you have to commit to finding ways to make healthy food taste good. This is the secret ingredient to make eating healthy foods fulfilling.

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Staying on your diet is easy now that you know how to make healthy food taste good!