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Jim Simon

Jim Simon

Founder & Co-CEO


Start ups, Traveling, My dog Daisy, Technology


Running, Submission grappling, Mixed Martial Arts


SVP Business Development @ Aggregated Knowledge

SVP Business Development @ IDG Tech Network

CEO – Founder


Favorite Music

Nirvana, John Coltrane, Garbage, Metallica, Leonard Skynyrd, Contemporary Jazz, Triumph, Rush

Favorite Companies

Virgin, Tesla, Ben & Jerrys, Google, Amys, Nordstroms, Linkedin, Uber

Favorite Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Reid Hoffman!

Favorite Quote

Fortune favors the bold – Napolian

Never hit anyone in anger unless you’re absolutely sure you can get away with it – Stripes (1981)

The harder you work the harder it is to lose

About (Bio)

Jim is the fearless leader of the JiMMYBAR team! He was born in Chicago, yet promptly vacated the city as soon as he was handed his diploma from Columbia College. A serial entrepreneur, this is the 6th start up he has launched (primarily in tech), however he decided to go offline for his next start up, tackling the US food & obesity problem by creating a natural foods company with the mandate of using CLEAN ingredients.

Prior to JimmyBar, Jim ran Business Development at Aggregate Knowledge, a data management platform based in San Mateo CA.  AK was acquired by Neustar in Oct 2013. Three of the companies he has launched or held senior management positions in have culminating in acquisition.

In 2003 Jim launched, a first to market platform for buying and selling investment real estate exclusively over the internet, where Teldar had participation in over 40 commercial real estate transactions in several markets.

In his free-time, you’ll find him running along Lake Michigan with his Weimaraner. He is also active in marital arts and submission grappling (whatever that is). If Jim wasn’t an entrepreneur he’d be a lightweight champion of the world in UFC, or a Sherpa.

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