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A full and happy vegetarian

A full and happy vegetarian


The vegetarian way

Your vegetarian diet will certainly emphasize vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds as the primary main foods. You will probably be a little surprised at how full you will feel after a good vegetarian meal.

There is little doubt that a vegetarian diet will be very good for you, but it is just a little different that your “normal” meat-and-potatoes diet. First of all, the meat that is being sold today not the same as in your grandpa’s day – it is full of hormones and antibiotics. Some people feel that you won’t get enough protein in just eating a vegetarian diet, but legumes and nuts will do very well in that department.

Follow a path that has worked for others

It has been shown that if you eat vegetarian meals, you will have a lower risk of heart attack, cancer, circulation diseases, and digestive disorders. You’ll do better with the cholesterol and blood pressure issues that so many people are plagued with, too. There are plenty of guidelines which you can use to be certain that you are following prescribed vegetarian formats that work and are very tasty. You’ll feel better and get just as much nutrition or more with a vegetarian diet as you did with your meat-and-potatoes meals.

Don’t forget your JiMMYBARS!

Healthy snacks go a long way towards chasing off the hungry moments between meals. Or perhaps you are looking for a good, healthy dessert. This is where a nutritious and healthy power bar will fit the bill. JiMMYBARS! are just the thing, as they consist of gluten-free oats with honey.

The owners of the Chicago-based headquarters got tired of all the “snacks” on the market that were no more than junk food filled with sugar. So JiMMYBARS! were born. They fit right in with a vegetarian diet, as the natural oats and honey ingredients are wonderful additions to an already healthy regimen.

JiMMYBARS! come in five different flavors and can be easily carried with you in your pocket or purse. They are available in many of the better-known stores or online. JiMMYBARS! are full of protein and energy and can be a part of a regular meal by being used in various recipes, or as a snack during the day. Not only are the bars gluten-free, but they are dairy-free as well. JiMMYBARS! have no chemicals or harmful ingredients. Get your all-natural JiMMYBARS! today!

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