(Variety Pack)


Box of 24

Pure deliciousness all under 100 calories!

Looking for a little extra boost to help carry you through your day? Then Boosted SKiNNY JiMMY! is just the variety pack for you! Packed full of bars that feature caffeine, omega 3 oils, and collagen, these SKiNNY JiMMY! Bars will give you your protein fill and so much more. With less than 100 calories, this combination is sure to keep you on your physical and mental game all day long. Contains:

All of them under 100 calories so you can be guilt-free! We promise you’ll fall in love with the SKiNNY JiMMY.


  • Gluten Free
  • Boosted
  • Under 100 Calories


Please reference ingredients for each bar on the product pages by clicking on the links in the description above.


These bars taste great. None of that fake, old flavor traditional protein bars have. I shared them with my sister and she loves them too.

-- Nalda, JiMMYBAR! Customer

Totally Clean, Always Delicious

You never have to choose between super nutritious and totally
delicious: JiMMYBAR! clean protein bars just beg to be devoured.
With no preservatives or artificial crap, and a taste so good you’ll be
left begging for more… it's time to JiMMY! your day.

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