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Do fad diets actually work?

Do fad diets actually work?

New strategies to lose weight and improve nutrition emerge everyday. With so many competing ideas, it is hard to know what is healthy and what is not. Fad diets are particularly pervasive and attractive. But do any of them really work? Here is a quick breakdown of a few popular ones.

Some common fad diets

The main goal of the Atkins Diet is decreasing intake of foods high in carbohydrates while increasing consumption of foods high in protein and fat. New adherents adopt the diet in phases. During phase one, you eat certain foods to help your body transition from burning carbs to burning fats. Under phase two, you adjust your diet while tracking carb intake to assess how many you can consume while still losing weight. Phase three is getting to your ideal weight and maintaining your meal plan to remain at that weight.

The New Beverly Hills Diet argues foods must be eaten in the right combinations to maintain weight loss. Under this diet, you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want, but only in combination with other specified foods. For example, proteins must be eaten with fats; carbs with fats; fruit and other fruit; and so on. And there is an interesting rule about champagne.

The South Beach Diet focuses on eating the right carbs and the right fats. Phase one is very restrictive, however. Some nutritionists say it is too restrictive as high-carb foods, starches, and fruits are prohibited. After this phase is over, you reintroduce certain foods into your diet.

Why are they so popular?

Fad diets claim they deliver fast, long-lasting results. They are promoted by celebrities and by media targeting susceptible groups, such as young women and fitness-minded individuals. The New Beverly Hills Diet promises “Lifelong Slimhood” on the very cover of its book. It’s hard not to see the appeal.

Is there a catch?

All of these diets have food limitations. If you do not follow the diet plan, you will gain weight back as quickly as you lost it. Quick weight loss followed by quick weight gain is detrimental to health over time. Additionally, nutritional risks hide underneath the get-thin quick schemes of fad diets. So, it is important to do your research.

No matter what you choose, having self-control is key to healthy and sustained weight loss. You will always have “hangry” moments where you come very close to reaching for anything and everything to satisfy cravings. It is important to be prepared.

Quick and nutritional relief

For moments of duress, it is good to have a healthy snack on hand that satisfies, but does not ruin your diet progress for the day. JiMMYBAR! provides a quick, healthy alternative for just the occasion. JiMMYBAR! comes in four, tasty flavors (apple, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and banana muffin). They have no gluten, preservatives or filler, and have very little sugar. JiMMYBAR! is also a great source of protein for vegetarian diets. So instead of grabbing carb-filled food to satisfy your hangry moments, grab a healthy snack today.

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