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The real reasons why eating right is so critical to your overall health

The real reasons why eating right is so critical to your overall health

JiMMYBAR! will help you eat right!

Eating Right is Critical to Your Health

Your body needs energy in all natural forms. When we eat processed foods, we are left with a deep hunger pang and an unsightly food baby. Oftentimes, regardless of how well we monitor portion size, we still feel hungry because we failed to give our body the natural things it needs. Shoving a whole pizza down your throat after yoga is only going to leave you feeling like a grease ball is sitting in your chest. It won’t curb your hunger.

So, what should you do instead?

The answer is pretty simple: learn to love the right types of food.

How many times have you felt a deep longing for a chocolate bar? Aside from that time you just pressed the “end” button with some fierce finger strength (secretly longing for the days when you could slam the phone down on the hook), chances are those cravings were just your body trying to talk to you.

For example: when you crave that chocolate bar, it may just mean that your body needs magnesium. You are misreading the signs.

Our bodies are amazing things. The brain knows what it needs. The problem is that sometimes we teach the brain bad habits. For example: if your body is craving pasta, chances are you are low on energy. Your brain is sending signals to tell you to grab the ramen or the instant mac and cheese because it is starving for carbohydrates, for energy, and it knows that the fastest way to get that energy is through simple carbohydrates, simple sugars.

By learning to recognize these signs, you can curb your cravings the right way and get your body on a healthier track.

What’s more, if you are trying to lose weight, eat gluten-free food alternatives, or you need a low-carb and low-sugar protein bar for fitness reasons, you can’t give in to your cravings and eat junk. You need to eat something natural instead.

Now, let’s face facts here. At the end of the day, you are only human, which means you have probably felt “hangry” once or twice. This occurs when the body needs energy so badly that it goes into a little hypoglycemic rage. It’s a real and legitimate thing.

But the key is to give yourself a healthy, natural snack when you feel that coming on, so that you buy yourself enough time to stave off snapping at your best friend until you get your hands a healthy meal.

Don’t forget your JiMMYBARS!
Without any preservatives, fillers or gluten like so many other pre-packaged “snacks”, can JiMMYBARS help you curb your craving. These high-protein bars have only 2g of sugar – but 21g of protein. This gives you the muscle-building elements you need, something to burn that isn’t pure sugar. So don’t give in to terrible food. Treat your body right and let it reward you.

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