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Management Team


Jim Simon Founder

Jim is the fearless leader of the JiMMYBAR team! He was born in Chicago, yet promptly vacated the city as soon as he was handed his diploma from Columbia College. For 10 years he was on the west coast, then 11 years in New York City working primarily on start ups, but chose to return to Chicago because Midwest is best, of course. 

In his free-time, you'll find him running along Lake Michigan with his 11-year-old Weimaraner, Sophie. He is also active in marital arts and submission grappling (whatever that is), and he loves constantly fielding questions from his family members about why he is STILL not married.  


Annette Del Prete Co-Founder

Annette is the co-founder of JiMMYBAR! Being an accomplished chef and restauranteur for the past 20 years, she jumped at the chance of running a food-oriented, family business. It was 2 years ago in the kitchen of her Lincoln Park restaurant, Filippo's, where the first JiMMYBARS were developed! Annette is married with two, wonderful kids and is the sister of our CEO Jim and his much more creative counter-part. She freely admits that although it was not her original idea to start the company she is the brains, heart, and talent that makes JiMMYBAR tick. "What about Jim? Well Jim is just the eye-candy," she says.



Sue Wynne

Sue is our National Sales Manager! She joined the team midway through 2013 and, according to her calculations, sales literally sky-rocketed shortly thereafter. Sue is married with 4 beautiful girls and is also the sister of the CEO Jim (can you tell this is a family affair?). Sue spends her days handling the constant birage of orders coming down the pipeline from her brother, and working ensure JiMMYBAR is so successful that the company can sponsor all 4 daughters' college educations.



Hannah Toriumi

Hannah is our, in her own words, "totally legit" Sales and Marketing Coordinator. She has no relation to the CEO Jim, but we thought we'd hire her anyway. She started in the Spring of 2013 in the field by ambushing unsuspecting grocery shoppers with JiMMYBAR goodness. She quickly moved up in the ranks to her current position where she now proudly sits in her office swivel chair. In her free time Hannah enjoys taking pictures of Jim's dog Sophie, training her pet bird Sonny to say things, and being just a general Snow White-type character. Hannah is also currently pursuing a career in acting in Chicago! You may recognize her from such movies as The Godfather and Pulp Fiction.* 

*Hannah Toriumi may not have actually appeared in these films.




Kelly U.

Kelly U. is JiMMYBAR's very first intern! She is known as the foodie and fitness guru "KellyUFit" on Instagram. She is absolutely thrilled to be on the JiMMYBAR team! She's working as the Marketing Intern and is navigating her way through the social media world. Fixin' up our Instagram, Facebook, and website is her specialty! She'll be finishing up her senior year of college this fall and is cooking up a storm in the kitchen in the meantime. 


Sophie Simon

Sophie is the official mascot for JiMMYBAR! She was honored to be offered this position by her father and has taken it upon herself to be by his side at all times in order to become recognized as "The Face of JiMMYBAR!" (and because he feeds her). She enjoys long walks on the beach, refreshing dips in Lake Michigan, and loves a good crime drama on TV. 

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