Jimmy Bars are currently taking over the Midwest!

One of our favorite places to be is:

HY-VEE stores located in 8 Midwestern states ❤️.

"A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle," what kind of bar wouldn't want to be on
their shelves? Hy-Vee provides customers with excellent services,
reasonable prices and information on diet, nutrition and wellness optics.

Find us in your local Hy-vee and

request us if we're not there yet!

Shout-out to Ankeny, Blue Springs, Cedar Falls, Dubuque,

Faribault, Fitchburg, Grand Island, Independence, K.C.,

Lawrence, L.S., Lincoln, Mission, Olathe, Omaha,

O.P., Peoria, Rochester, Springfield, and Urbandale!